It’s tall, it’s shiny and it’s second building the building everyone wants a picture with – taking it might be a different challenge. Burj Khalifa or Burj Dubai as it was called until it’s official launch in 2010 is the tallest skyscraper in the world. For most tourists the most popular attraction is the viewing deck on floor 124, accessed from within Dubai Mall. Others with a little more cash to flash can opt for a meal or drinks in Atmosphere on floor 123, but be prepared to reserve in advance and expect a minimum spend per person.

Tickets for the ‘At The Top’ viewing deck experience can be purchased on the day for immediate entry, but massive savings are to be had if you pre-book your slot up-to 30 days in advance. The experience starts in Dubai Mall, where there is a ticket desk, collection points and a gift shop. Once your ticket has been checked there is a small reception area with a scale model and some other displays on tall buildings around the world – the decor completed by some inspiration quotes from the ruler of Dubai.

After you’ve had your kodak moment with the scale model, pass through security and begin the walk to the lift; which involves a moving floor movie showing the progress of Dubai leading up to the construction of Burj Khalifa. As you pass through the corridors there are some really great insights into the technology, engineering and of course people behind the building – as well as some interesting comparisons of the size.

The journey up in the elevator is very smooth, almost like you aren’t moving. The walls of the elevator are covered with lights that change with the speed of the elevator, a very nice effect. Once you are up on floor 124 there are large panoramic windows, an outdoor area with slots so you can take photos looking down and plenty of room to roam around. Digital telescopes provide day, night and historic views of the city, as well as live views.

Many visitors plan their visit around sunset, booking a slot around 45minutes before. This will give you enough time to see the landscape in both day light and night time. A great experience with a nice story leading up to the top; well worth a visit but make sure you book online before for the best pricing.