It almost seems that each time you take a lap of the sprawling food court at Dubai Mall a new chain has opened, but as I glanced at my record breaking pedometer this time the large purple and orange crest of Burger Fuel reflected in it’s screen. Burger Fuel is a relative newcomer to the UAE yet it’s certainly making an impression with an expanding branch network.

The feel of the restaurant is one of a fusion of American diner with industrial concrete and steel elements adding a unique ambiance to the restaurant. I approached the counter to be greeted by a friendly server who kindly talked me through the rather large burger selection. I was armed with my trusty Entertainer app and promptly ordered a Chicken Flame Thrower and Beef Fuel Basic. Combined with Spud Fries and a diet cola. This all came to a budget friendly 50AED with the voucher.

Within 10minutes I was presented with a nicely presented pair of burgers, and in a rare moment in the fast food industry – it looked just like the menu image! The fries were skin on a beautifully cooked, crispy and chunky with a fluffy inside. The chicken burger was tender, juicy and tasty, with a kick of chilli but soothed by creamy fresh avocado. The beef was well cooked through and the salad fresh, all buns were warm and didn’t fall apart when eaten. A little novelty was a cardboard ‘doofer’ a device that ensures your burger doesn’t fall out of the bottom when your wrapping your teeth around the top.