It’s the summer, it’s hot. It’s winter, it’s warm. Whatever the weather we need ice cream, and nowhere does it quite as well as Cold Stone Creamery. Chances are if you’ve been in one of Dubai’s mega-malls you’ve passed right by one; or heard the ice cream throwing artists singing. For those of you who have yet to sample the delights of Cold Stone, here’s the sales pitch.

Choose from one of the delicious base flavours (from mint to cheesecake) and marvel as your ice cream tender uses metal paddles to knead and slam it onto a frozen piece of marble. Then let the magic begin as you select from a huge range of ‘mix ins’; these vary from fresh brownie pieces to those health conscious – snigger – fruits and nuts. If you’re following my creation then it would be cake batter, oreo cookies and brownie in a biscuit and chocolate dipped cone; get ready for the sugar rush.

If you’re feeling completely lacking in sugary treats and an ice cream isn’t enough, you can go the whole hog and have a beautiful ice cream cake, my recommendation is the red velvet and top it off with a thick shake. Each item in this place is full of sugary flavour, all tastes fresh and presented with a smile – even a snog and ice cream flipping show if you’re lucky.