With a Fat Burger or Subway seemingly opening every 20minutes in Dubai it’s very rare you have the opportunity to be actually excited about another brand coming to town.

This time it’s different, the iconic Ivy has taken the place of Scarlet’s in the refresh Emirates Towers Boulevard. It comes complete with stained glass, low lighting, silverware and green napkins. From the moment you enter the restaurant it feels right, understated yet unique.

It even has the quality feel that you expect from a restaurant launched with Jumeirah. The British classic dishes have also made the trip too, including the infamous shepherd’s pie. Heck, they’ve even imported our waitress from London too, her friendly and enthusiastic approach continued right through our meal. The personal recommendation of cocktails by a senior member of staff was a nice touch, and a signature Bloody Mary started proceedings well.

Excellent knowledge of the menu from the server helped the selection of Bang Bang Chicken for the starter course and a Australian 300 day grain-fed fillet distracted from the more off the wall choices on the menu. The Bang Bang Chicken was served chilled and presented beautifully with perfect sauce-to-chicken ratio. The dish consisted of chicken in mildly-spiced peanut sauce served on a bed of spring vegetables. A perfectly cooked fillet was then presented with an excellent béarnaise sauce accompaniment. Seasonal side dishes were also available and green beans, chips and butternut squash were all perfectly cooked and presented on the traditional silverware.

For a first visit to The Ivy you must try the chocolate bomb for dessert. it’s a classic showpiece and something the London restaurant is famous for. Chocolate, orange, space dust and chocolate sauce combine to make a trip to childhood sweetshop days. On this occasion I was obligated to try the Baked Alaska, something I haven’t consumed since the cruise ship obligatory parade of years gone by. Another showpiece, this is ice cream, sugar, sponge and more sugar set on fire at the table side. It’s apparent that Britain really knows how to make a good dessert.